SHART here, SHART there, you can SHART anywhere. Do you remember CB radio? Now we have SHART. Simple human audio recorded transmission. Use it just like your old CB radio. Only SHART is better, you can create a channel based on a topic of your choice. Any topic popular or obscure is ok. Anonymously transmit your SHART to the SHART stream, and you are instantly heard by fellow SHARTERS.
About Shartnet

You can make your own interactive "radio" channel. Just click and set up a channel, then share the stream with your friends and audience. It is not one way communication though, they can just as easily key the microphone and participate in your channel turning your soap box into a serious discussion or debate. Talk about anything your heart desires, what your passion in life gives you a purpose to talk about. Everyone is an expert in something, share that gift with the world.

Use a TRIP, or post anonymously What is a TRIP? TRIPPING is a method of posting a unique signature anonymously. Type the # sign, and 7 random characters, and you will have a unique anonymous signature. If you are serious about your signature, you can spin some cycles and have your computer give you a nice trip. As for me, I am happy. happy/rMFs #KÆn/X6_+

My trip would appear like this -> happy/rMFs My secret word to make that trip would be this -> #KÆn/X6_+ Thus identifying myself uniquely, but still anonymously.

Do you have a hard time writing, but are a prolific speaker? This is your opportunity to be heard by the masses. Musicians may collaborate, and have instrumental duels showing off their prowess as virtuosos. discuss local politics and share your discussion with your community. Perhaps you can find a solution to the pothole that is bending everyone's wheels on Main street.

Main stream media is not representative of the voice of the majority of people anywhere. It is purposely designed to force you to listen to ideas and visions of its producers based on their views their political goals. Your dialogue and communication is throttled by the use of the telephone. They communicate at will to millions, while you wait on hold calling a talk radio station that may answer your call, may not answer your call. You will certainly be screened and if you don't have the appropriate subject to speak on in mind will never be heard. With SHART, you can be heard.

When you create a channel on SHART, you not create a medium for your own personal expression. Your words, and sounds will be preserved in a simple record we call a thread. While your speech is streamed live on a separate live stream link that you can share.

Want to have a daily, weekly, monthly talk session? Create the channel for it, write the topic of your channel clearly so that the participants will find you easily, then publish the times and dates you will be speaking. Your channel could be titled Irish Limericks, Monday to Friday 12-1 PM EST. Or perhaps you care to have a Blues Jam Session Fridays at Midnight Pacific Daylight time. It doesn't matter the subject, just be clear enough that you can be found.

After you have created your channel, SHART is as simple as a CB radio on steroids. Your transmission can be heard anywhere on Earth, from the snow capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, to the depths of Death Valley. Anywhere you can get an internet signal on your phone or computer, you can communicate swiftly and effectively through SHART.

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